Rotarian Values – 8/11 – 2008

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In recent decades values understood as the dignity of the human being have undergone a clear evolution from a situation of rigid imposition to a situation of freer choice through a work of inculturation of society.

In fact, in the patriarchal society from which I come, values were prescribed without any possibility of objection. After the World War, with the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 by the UN enunciating the evolution of the values of our world, the attention shifted towards respect for the rights of the human being as such. The enormous progress of science has also had the effect of making us question the position of the human being who should be given precedence in the choices of society because it has been realised that technology in the wrong hands could lead to a threat to man.

In Italy, with a clearer separation between religious and political power, it has left more freedom to the religious power to better express itself by emphasizing the “natural moral law” valid for all human beings defined by Pope John Paul II as “light of reason infused by the Creator in the heart of each man”.

Let’s remember that world migration flows bring with them populations driven by war, poverty, conflict, oppression and discrimination (it is estimated that ten million Arab Christians have left their lands over the last three or four generations) to find shelter in the West, including Italy. In most migratory countries religious identity is an integral part of the immigrant’s personality, a situation that is leading to new conflicts because in migratory countries the attention to the man (or woman) is often put in second place compared to that of the community and that of the majority religion.

The policy of integrating new citizens with cultures and traditions so different from our own, while taking these diversities into account, finds a good channel to create an intercultural society with common values accepted by all citizens and a social peace in the emphasis on the dignity of the person.

Rotary principles are an ideal platform for building bridges between people and peoples, and Rotary with its 3H, Health, Hunger, Humanity, (health, hunger, humanity) programs is a good platform for promoting together the Values of our world, that is, recognizing Man’s dignity in creation. Let me add that a meeting like tonight raises the awareness of every Rotarian to be a tireless peacemaker and a strenuous defender of the dignity of the human person and his inalienable rights.


Giuseppe Samir Eid


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The published articles intend to provide the tools for a social inclusion of the migratory flow, shed light on human rights and the condition of life of Christians in the Islamic world from which the author come from. Knowledge of the other, of cultural and religious differences are primary ingredients to create peace in the hearts of men everywhere, a prerequisite for a peaceful coexistence and convinced citizenship in the territory.

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