ROTARY – 2014
A Synopsis

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A United Mediterranean for an economic union with or without a union of hearts? It is necessary to obtain the accession of the coastal peoples; to create a bridge that unites peoples who are very different from each other in terms of religious beliefs, the laws of the states and their constitutions. Unlike the European citizen, and in particular the Italian, it should be remembered that the Arab citizen, both Christian and Muslim, has an identity in- timately linked to his religious belief and his community even before the state he belongs to.

Displacement of peoples
Between the 19th and 20th centuries, mil- lions of Europeans emigrated to Africa and settled there, contributing substantially to the economic and cultural development of African countries, but without taking root in the social fabric, they found themselves expelled and returned to their countries of origin. After the Second World War, the African countries started a strong cam- paign of demographic development with the result that in fifty years the number of their inhabitants tripled but consequently their impoverishment increased. During the same period Europe grew economically with an older population stable demographically, creating a gap that young Africans are trying to bridge.

Immigration in Europe
The increased availability of means of transport and communications has facili- tated the emigration to Europe of young Arabs from countries governed by laws that privilege Muslim citizens over adherents of other religious beliefs, forming mental prejudices in young people arriving in Europe where equal rights and non-discrimination among citizens prevail. In order to create a peaceful coexistence of peoples not only economically, it is essential that people adhere to a cultural project, a minimum of knowledge of our social customs and habits, equality of citizens before the law, and the principles of the Christian majority religion in Italy to dispel the prejudices that Muslims bring with them inculcated since their youth. It is necessary to promote a campaign of mutual knowledge in all areas both in Eu- rope and in Africa to create the premises of a United Mediterranean.

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