R033 - Is there Freedom of expression in Italy?

FAX – 24/2/2007

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Are we still in time to criticize the sharia and protest freely in Italy?

I don’t want to argue, but you haven’t addressed the underlying problem.

I would like to point out that Sharia law is the source of all the constitutional systems of Arab and Muslim countries, which explicitly considers non-Muslim citizens to be second or third category citizens and their rights. This is a discrimination of the fascist Nazi type.

In these situations one cannot speak of percentages or minorities when freedom of expression is not allowed. The case of the Alexandrian blogger with four years in prison is only one of the many examples. The basic problem must be raised and addressed in those countries where it can still be done without having to resort to escorts of Carabinieri (Italian Military Police) or be judged by certain magistrates as defamatory of the Islamic religion. Are we still in time to criticize Sharia law and protest freely in Italy?

2012: Islamophobia: double standards

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which wants “laws against incitement to religious hatred,” says that “freedom of expression must be used responsibly,” asks us “to take all measures including legislation against acts that lead to violence against Muslims and the denigration of their religion” because “Islamophobic acts violate the freedom of religion and belief.

This is while Islamist propaganda is charged with every stereotype of Jews and Christians, while the most insane violence is used against members of different faiths and their co-religionists considered to be conniving with the enemy, while Western embassies, Christians during mass and Jews are attacked.

Giuseppe Samir Eid

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