R040 - Comments: Sharia, Ramadan, social and political instability

Corriere forum – 16/10/2006

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Monday 16 Oct 2006

Is the Islamic consultative first step towards the sharia in Italy? Does it consult it, the first step towards the Sharia in Italy?

A Muslim friend of mine moved from an Arab country to the state of Ontario in Canada to escape from the discrimination inherent in Sharia law against women. Unfortunately, in Ontario there is a proposal for a law that allows the application of sharia law to the problems of families, so my friend in Canada has passed from the pan to the grill thanks to the local consults. The President of UCOII, the doctor Dr. Nour, having declared on TV to the Turkish Minister that Italian laws are (should) slowly approaching the sharia, will there be the intention to exploit the Italian consultative as an attempt to take a first step towards the introduction of sharia in Italy?

Giuseppe Samir Eid

24 Feb 2007

(Are we still in time to criticize the Sharia and protest freely in Italy?)

I don’t want to argue, but you haven’t addressed the underlying problem.

I draw your kind attention to the Sharia source of all the constitutional systems of the Arab and Muslim countries, which explicitly considers non-Muslim citizens to be second or third category citizens with the relative rights. That is a discrimination of the fascist Nazi type.

In these situations one cannot speak of percentages or minorities when freedom of expression is not allowed. The case of the Alexandrian blogger with four years in prison is only the last in the chain. The basic problem must be raised and pursued in those countries where it can still be done without having to resort to escorts of Carabinieri or be judged by certain magistrates as defamatory of the Islamic religion. Are we still in time to criticize Sharia law and protest freely in Italy?

22 July 2007

It was obvious that telling the truth that good paid professors never said created envy.

When a manager is too good they try to defenestrate him with slanders, common in Italian companies. The great thing is that the signatories, we do not yet know the details, rely on the sale of their books written on the basis of theoretical knowledge.  Here is Magdi, an Egyptian who deals with the same topics on the basis of experience, experiences that he lives on his skin, who wakes up the new generations to get them out of their torpor and consequently “steals customers” from the consolidated powers. Come on Magdi we are with you, a Muslim who defends Christians. What do the professors do instead? Nothing.

An invitation for the month of Ramadan

We are in the holy month of Muslims, a month in which the individual seeks to purify their feelings with fasting for those who can or other types of spiritual sacrifices, and with a benevolent approach to their fellows. In my opinion, the time is right to get to know each other, Christian Muslims and Jews who have just celebrated their new year. Mutual knowledge with respect for the other without the usual prejudices would be the premise for a fruitful coexistence, a positive seed for the new generations to sprout. I leave it to each of the readers to work their imagination to translate these concepts into practice. The Muslim can invite their neighbors to exchange dishes with recipes, make them known and explain the traditions of their country. Vice versa, the neighbor can take the opportunity to make known the Italian culture by removing the veil to religious prejudices and customs and habits. Women have a primordial role; their contacts in everyday life are the first step towards dialogue, an inflated word, and mutual knowledge, which is indeed the best antidote against hate speech. Would Magdi allow the publication of testimonies and feedback on the experiences of dialogue during the month of Ramadan? Thank you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 I am eagerly waiting to read about your experiences and others on Ramadan. Best wishes for all good to all, Magdi Allam

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Muslims in Italy-response to ric62

The instability of the Middle East, accompanied by the widespread hatred against the West, have turned out to be the main foods of Islamic terrorism, a source of danger not only for the USA but for the whole West and for the governments of the Mediterranean area themselves.

This culture, which prevails in most of the so-called Islamic cultural centres in Italy, has a considerable influence on immigrants, who tend to try their hand at centres which remind them of the environments they come from. The creation of these numerous centres is part of a single strategy which aims to establish itself as a representative of the Moslems in front of the State. Representation becomes in fact a power that influences the legislators to introduce laws that effectively discriminate against the majority of the Muslim people in Italy who have emigrated not only for reasons of poverty but also to live the climate of freedom that the peoples of the West have managed to conquer at a high price. At this point we want to let discriminatory laws be re-introduced through the appearance of laws for religious freedom, carried out by some of our politicians in cahoots, perhaps without knowing it, with whom to stand as a representative of Muslims in Italy? We are all Italian citizens, subject to the laws of this country that welcomed us, laws that guarantee religious freedom without the need for mediators.



Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dear … I appreciate and share your thoughts on the Muslims by profession who have transformed their mosques into centres of power and on the Italian rulers who lend themselves to this deleterious strategy for the whole of humanity. Thank you for your testimony. Best regards and my best wishes for every good,

Magdi Allam

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Invitation for the Ramadan pushed by Magdi and Danielle I expose two experiences keeping in mind that I read the forum very occasionally both for the short time and because the signatures are the usual.

1- In Israel I had the opportunity to meet communities that housed children of the three religions, with their parents in harmony with each other. At their request, I also reported to a TV channel of our experience in Italy.

2- At a recent international meeting this month, Egyptians and Israelis agreed that it is time to exchange students, starting with Italy, for example.

Finally, I believe that ordinary people can meet without particular problems, far from the political and religious circles of the two sides. That is why I believe that Christians have an important role to play. In Lebanon, you will know that Christians act as shock absorbers between Sunnis, Druze and Shiites; there are rather few villages where Muslims of different rite live together. At the same time they are scapegoats.

I am also interested to know similar experiences from readers, magare replicating the same title: invitation for Ramadan.

Thanks to Magdy for all the good you are doing, at your expense.

Giuseppe Samir Eid

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The published articles intend to provide the tools for a social inclusion of the migratory flow, shed light on human rights and the condition of life of Christians in the Islamic world from which the author come from. Knowledge of the other, of cultural and religious differences are primary ingredients to create peace in the hearts of men everywhere, a prerequisite for a peaceful coexistence and convinced citizenship in the territory.

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