8 September 1999

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To : M. Antonio Socci

From : G. Eid

During the 1974 the pan-Islamic Congress of Lahore they decided, with the tacit agreement of the Western countries, the elimination of a presidential chronometer in the country with a Muslim majority.

Is it a project or a project in progress? (Sudan, Sudan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Copts in Egypt, Pakistan, Timor, etc.). The Italian press has always kept silent when the attackers are Muslims! In fact, a work of disinformation does not remember the massacres against Muslims of this century Oil or water? Only excuse: here we are carriers of facts if we produce in the world but here we escape the information.

What are the reasons and interests at stake here if some events are realized and cause suffering and death?

Giuseppe Samir Eid

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The published articles intend to provide the tools for a social inclusion of the migratory flow, shed light on human rights and the condition of life of Christians in the Islamic world from which the author come from. Knowledge of the other, of cultural and religious differences are primary ingredients to create peace in the hearts of men everywhere, a prerequisite for a peaceful coexistence and convinced citizenship in the territory.

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