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The silence of the people in the squares is deafening, that of the two Simons, and also that of the Church. Prudence has never been reciprocated by Arab governments or by their supporters, Italian or not, residing with us. Demonstrate against the discriminatory fascist laws in force in the Near East countries that violate the most basic human rights in the name of the Islamic religion. The protest must be made on the specific subject of human rights for the benefit of all citizens—Jewish, Christians, and Muslims—subjected to medieval laws in the 21st century. It is up to our governments and the EU to combine the disbursement of contributions and funding with the full application of equal human rights for all. To demand from existing dictatorships their control over appeals to hatred and holy war against their neighbours. To demand from intellectuals in the West and in Islamic countries, and from Islamic universities, a clear public and media statement not only for a generic brotherhood between peoples, but for equal rights between citizens of the same country.


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