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Let’s welcome with responsibility and future prospects, and let’s take people out of the hands of human traffickers. But let’s not make it a convenient alibi to hide the world behind our finger.

Welcoming presupposes that we are able to welcome and make grow in our society disparate people who come for a thousand reasons: are we able to do it responsibly? Do we intend to educate, with serious prospects of future employment, inclusion in the fabric of society, respect for local customs and morality, the possibility of creating a family in the host country, of family reunification to keep the migrant’s family together? Who said this and proved that Italian society is capable of doing so responsibly? Many examples in history have shown that reception without discernment runs the risk that the host community will be forced to seek refuge itself. The great popular demonstrations organized by certain organizations that claim to be of Christian inspiration are nothing more than a blunder towards countries of emigration by encouraging their young people to attempt an adventure without return are counterproductive popular initiatives.

The economies of African countries are closely interlinked with those of the West, the most urgent step would be to direct its wealth, in terms of economy and politics, to the growth of poor countries but rich in resources and humanity; it is the first approach for a sustainable economic development of the countries of emigration.

The universal Church, not only Catholic, branched out in the countries of Central Africa could rather encourage the faithful to stay there, use its influence on local powers to make better use of their abundant resources and the contributions of the European Union by trying to save the unity of families by sparing affliction and moral unrest caused by indiscriminate emigration. Let’s help them at home by putting pressure on politics in the broad sense, on the so called strong powers, the Think tanks and international bodies, on international and local economic levers, through well targeted media campaigns.

Unfortunately, the media are focusing on news that have an effect on emotions that are not very constructive. The aspects of the traffickers of men, drugs, weapons, and all sorts of malpractice, respect for borders, are a matter for the police and political will that should not be confused with the reception. Moreover, have you calculated how many migrants would be entitled to asylum under international conventions? The policy of open doors is an incentive for more than a billion young Africans in addition to Asians to pursue the dream of a Europe of five hundred million older and richer inhabitants; but for how long? As a Christian I am grateful to Corriere Della Sera for having published a statement by the Secretary General of the League of Islamic Countries in the World -56 countries – published on 8 July that should make us reflect: “We have a proposal for Italy, on integration; we must understand the background of these people. And we can work together. Italy suffers more than other countries. We want to support your government 360 degrees; we have a world organization to do it and money to offer you. It is money that comes directly from the funds of the World Muslim League”. I wonder why you don’t propose to welcome them in the rich Arab countries so in need of labour.” As a Christian neither the Gospel nor my conscience advise me an indiscriminate welcome.


Giuseppe Samir Eid

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The published articles intend to provide the tools for a social inclusion of the migratory flow, shed light on human rights and the condition of life of Christians in the Islamic world from which the author come from. Knowledge of the other, of cultural and religious differences are primary ingredients to create peace in the hearts of men everywhere, a prerequisite for a peaceful coexistence and convinced citizenship in the territory.

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