23 to their economic well-being. The Chri- stian people in their respective churches followed the religious functions and the sermons that connected the gospel of the day to daily life very carefully I also met many Islamic exponents from the secular and university world who wel- comed me with great cordiality, sincerely and unanimously convinced to consider friendship and faith in God as an indispen- sable premise for trying to solve problems among men. Fundamentalism, in their opi- nion, is the result of the misery, ignorance and constant disillusionment suffered by the Islamic people and originated from the various governmental regimes that succe- eded one another in the twentieth century, without forgetting, then, the Israeli Palesti- nian conflict that is a red hot button in the whole region The Islamic people seek in the Koran and in religion the certainty for the future and the answer to its still unsolved problems. They are also unanimous in favorably considering the emigration of young pe- ople seeking the solution to their econo- mic problems in the West: They see these young people as valid pawns of Islamic expansion because, through the conclu- sion of mixed marriages (with Christian girls who become Muslims ) they realize the islamization of the European family.